#1 Online Community for Third Culture Kids, Global Travellers, Internationals, Expats

and Multinationals to connect Worldwide!

A place to meet friends, share and learn global recipes, local secrets, cultures, travel tips and experiences, and even couch surf for free all over the world!


Imagine having a global community of third culture kids, expats, internationals, and multinationals at your fingertips worldwide...

What if you could meet third culture kids, expats , internationals and multinationals all from multiple places around the world all in one place?


What if that group is dedicated to sharing experiences, culture, global tips and tricks to each other, all love travelling and even share their couches for you to couch surf on for free!?


What if that community was also moderated and built by a third culture kid who has lived in 5 cities, speaks 3 languages and has travelled to more places than you can count?  


1. Get access to third culture kids, expats, internationals and multinationals from all over the world! 

Finding "your people" matters. This community is all about building strong global relationships, making friends and sharing travel and culture experiences world-wide, from anywhere at anytime. 

2. Focus on Culture 

From sharing recipes, cultures, mannerisms, languages to couch surfing for free on a new global friends couch! We celebrate all cultures, and accept and learn from all of them. 

"I am a TCK originally from Korea, grew up in Korea and Poland. And then got to live in USA and Malawi after my adulthood. Now back in Korea, trying to figure out which country I want to relocate myself to. 

I mainly traveled European countries, Japan, Malawi, USA, Vietnam. Amongst the countries, my top three favorite places are Japan, Germany, and Vietnam :)"

"Thank you so much for creating this community. I was always hoping that there is a community like this."

-Sujin K.

"I am Fijian-Indian, Tuvaluan/Samoan. Went to an international school in Bangladesh, got that American-ish accent, but am an Australian citizen. Currently live in Sydney, Australia, but moving to Singapore next year!" 


"First heard about this group through Jay of course. We connected first on Instagram, then got to meet in person while I was in London a month ago! Connected her to my other TCK friends that were in town too. Am a huge fan of what she’s doing here! Much needed."

-George S.

Why third culture kids, expats, internationals and multinationals are joining the

Citizens of the World slack community

Our members join for many reasons but often include: 

Meet friends from all over the world
Learn about different cultures 
Learn recipes from around the world 
Share and learn travel tips 
Share travel experiences
Find language buds
Find trusted likeminded people to couch surf with 
To couch surf for free!
To find "their people". 
To expand their global network
Learn local secrets
To chat about travel
To meet other third culture kids (all TCKs know this is a difficult thing to find!) 
To have an international network at their fingertips!
To find others with itchy-feet(Itchy feet is a travel expression for someoone who constantly has a desire to travel)

Why third culture kids, expats, internationals and multinationals are joining the citizens of the world slack community