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Defining the TCK experience

Defining the TCK experience

About home:

But what is home?

Home is where you feel familiarity, find friends, have family, make memories...

As a TCK, home truly no longer becomes one place but rather different places at different times.

What we lose in familiarity with one home we gain in the comfort of feeling ‘home’ all around the world.

About experience:

The common experience defining a TCK is growing up in one or several cultures significantly different from the culture your parents grew up in. A TCK spends formative years toggling between behaviors, values, and cultures inside and outside the walls of their home.

Cultures intermingle to produce fascinating hybrid views of life in a connected world.

About friendship:

Friends come and go, but never disappear. No matter how many times it is said, it is always difficult to say ‘see you next time’. Yet the friendships formed while growing up in a different country are amazing: haven’t seen that one friend from 5 years back who lives in Switzerland? No problem. A shared TCK experience breaks down barriers of time, space, and ethnicity, connecting all kinds of people like wi-fi. Send them an email from Beijing and be amazed at how connected you still are.

By Stefan

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