Why I can accept and identify with people from all cultures

Why I can accept and identify with people from all cultures. #thirdculturekid

When I first moved to China I experienced a lot of culture shock. I was only eight years old so most of my bearing of the world was still developing. The most powerful memory I have was that for the first time in my life I did not speak the native language. Throughout my years there I continued adapting, but I’m not sure if I ever became fully comfortable. The language barrier was definitely always an issue, then there were other annoyances like the pollution and internet censorship.

However, there are also many things I didn’t really appreciate until I left; such as, the delicious street foods, low cost of living, and of course all the friends I had made. When I moved to Canada after high school, it was like I was back in my comfort zone. I went from a country where I did not speak the main language to a country where I spoke both national languages fluently. Even though I had only just arrived, it was like I’d spent my whole life in Canada. Looking back, China was never meant to be my comfort zone. China was where I was challenged so that I could develop into who I am today. Living in China is why I will never be uncomfortable in another country again, and why I can accept and identify with people from all cultures. It was the melting pot in which I was formed. A third culture childhood isn’t the easiest route, but it has many benefits that you can’t get anywhere else.

By Antonin

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