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I don't belong to any country anymore

Hi, I am a Third Culture Kid. Originally Italian, born and raised in France, I spent one year of my life in Norway, studying there and travelling around Scandinavian countries.

Do you believe in love at first sight ? This is how Norway made me feel like, the very first day. Like visiting your family or an old friend but in a very new place, a beautiful and peaceful place that gives you this exciting feeling.

And of course, just like in a love story, I also got hurt sometimes. But never in my life I have learned, discovered, overcame fears and challenged myself this much.

I simply grew.

I made myself unforgettable memories and friends for a life time from all around the world.

I don't feel like I belong to any country anymore. I am proud to say that I am a citizen of the world. :)

By Carla

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