It's not just one place

The answer to the dreaded 'home' question is different for everyone.

However, the TCK tribe, in my experience, has one thing in common - it's "not just one place".

The misconception that 'home' has to be one place, is an added pressure that follows many TCK's that I know. Whenever I was asked this question, I'd tell them I had three homes: Denmark (where I was born and where most of my extended family lives), wherever my parents live at the time and wherever I live at the time.

Rather than that feeling rootless or scattered, as most of the outside world sees us, it makes me feel rootFULL and connected. You make the best of where you are, make it home. Having more homes, doesn't make you lost, it makes you capable of finding yourself in most situations - makes you adaptable.

I think that is the greatest strength of the TCK. I was supposed to be born in Liberia (thats a tale for another day

Spoiler alert: Civil war), but ended up being born in Denmark, moving to Kenya for a year and then back to Denmark for seven years.

Then my TCK life really began ....

We moved to Romania for 4.5 years,

India for 2.5,

Nigeria for 5 (where i boarding schooled in Denmark for 3),

UK for 3 years getting my Bachelor,

Denmark for the army,

a stint in Istanbul,

Denmark for my Masters (its free),

a stint in Saudi Arabia,

and now I'm in Dubai.

Where you'll find me next? I guess we'll see!

If you're looking for me, I'll be the Danish girl with the American accent, buying plane... <3

By Josephine

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