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You have to learn to expect the unexpected

Playing on the beach in Thailand, scuba diving in Vietnam, surfing the waves in Senegal, Zip lining in Singapore. All these experiences I would never trade as a Third Culture Kid. The mixing of cultures and diversity is where I call myself home.

I grew up for 17 years in South East Asia and I was born in Saudi Arabia, and have lived in Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Senegal and now, the United States. When I think of home I think of all the places, all the people I’ve met and all the customs and cultures I have been able and continue to explore in this world.

My life has been anything but boring, as the airport terminals of Narita, Changi, O’hare were home for me as much as each host country.

I grew up in the international school system and went to three really good schools overseas. Most recently, in 2013, graduating from Saigon South International School (SSIS) in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

One thing I learned by living in all these countries as a Third Culture Kid is that you have to learn to expect the unexpected.

In Vietnam, the proper form of transportation is the motorbike and believe me they try and put almost everyone and everything on them.

When it comes down to my experiences I appreciate everyone for who they are and I respect that in this world we all are a diverse group of people. I wouldn’t trade the internationals school experience for anything else and would definitely relive it again if given the chance.

The chance to grow up being exposed to so many cultures, foods, and experiences is something that everyone in this world is entitled to. We all can explore this great world.

By Sean

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