Third Culture Kids don't belong anywhere… Really??

I recently delivered a TEDx talk titled, “Third culture kids? No, no, no, Bridging kids!”

I am redefining the notion of being a third culture kid. I was able to talk about my experiences, and the problems I have often faced, living in different countries. But the most important is that I was able to provide a solution to myself, and hopefully, one that could be inspiring to many more kids out there that have confronted similar identity issues.

Last and fundamentally, I would like to thank my parents. Although they dragged me to new environments constantly, without these experiences, I would never have been able to become the person I am now. I am so happy for all the support my parents have given and given me now. Also to the many people that have come across my life at some point, and to the people that helped me bond and bridge to different cultures.

I hope it can inspire many people, who think of the word ‘third culture kids’ as a negative phrase. I shared this because I hope it inspires many other TCKs out there!

By Yui

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