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What is it like seeing the world with a Third-Person perspective

To me, the term Third-Culture Kid (TCK) has two different interpretations; I don’t feel I belong in both my homes, so I search for a third one and I see the world from a Third-Person Point-of-View.

Being a Chinese-Indonesian, since young I understood the sense of exclusion from the majority of my environment and I finally comprehend the reason why after living in Singapore, a developed country known for being a melting pot of cultures for over a decade, and returning back to my birth and passport country as an adult.

Being a global citizen, especially since a young age, would make you feel like the title character of the hit 2018 blockbuster movie, Aquaman. Whereby you feel like you belong neither here nor there and yet you are expected to love, care and share the same perspectives and mindset as the locals of your birthplace, and depending on where you are from, might be seen as an outcast for having a different perspective, developed from your host countries.

My advice for those experiencing identity crisis and cultural shock is to find a source of creativity, be it making a podcast or even painting, as this not only served as an emotional outlet but as a testament that your global life is real when you faced the challenges of people trying to put you in a box.

As Tyrion Lannister would say “Never forget what you are, the rest of the world will not. Wear it like armor and it can never be used to hurt you.” Don’t run away from the pain or frustration from cultural-related issues, embrace them by understanding the source of their mindset and adopt the better aspect of it, to make you a better person.

Empathy and compassion is something dulled in adulthood due to matters we felt required our more direct attention and those emotions might be a hindrance, however, nobody will try to understand you, so you should try to understand others.

Lastly, just as daylight comes after dawn. It will be tough for a young TCK but be patient, as in adulthood, you will thank every star above for being one, as those experiences might be hard and might not make you belong anywhere, but would allow you to belong everywhere and your global mind would be the key to open doors beyond anyone’s wildest dream.

By Calvin

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