Why the past few months have been a momentous time for me

Hello, everyone! My name is Jiwon Lee. I’m a TCK born in Korea, raised in Malaysia and China, and currently a student studying film in Los Angeles.

The past few months have really been a momentous time for me as a TCK. First of all, I’ve been writing and editing my upcoming book called, “The Third Culture Teen: In Between Cultures, In Between Life Stages”. Through the writing process, I got to talk to many amazing fellow TCKs, and it was truly a journey of healing for me. At the same time, the past few months reminded me of the difficulties of being a TCK as well.

When COVID struck China where my family lives, I spent many sleepless nights worrying about them as they traveled between China and Korea for safety. When COVID struck the US, I spent weeks trying to get a visa to go home to China, but in the end, my visa got rejected, and I had no choice but to travel to Seoul, Korea, on my own.

For the past month and a half, I’ve been living by myself in my passport country that still feels so foreign to me. I realized that all this instability and isolation, sadly, is a part of being a TCK as well. I’m still waiting for a day to reunite with my family. Hopefully, this too should come to an end one day.

Sending all my love from Seoul to all of you! Stay safe, and take care :)

By Jiwon Lee Follow Jiwon on Instagram!: instagram.com/ssk05032

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